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‘Atmosfear: Communicating the Effects of Climate Change on Extreme Weather’ (Manchester Tyndall Seminar)

Tyndall Manchester invite you to attend the next talk in our seminar series ‘Atmosfear: Communicating the Effects of Climate Change on Extreme Weather’ by Professor David Schultz.

The potential and serious effects of anthropogenic climate change are often communicated through the soundbite that anthropogenic climate change will produce more extreme weather. This soundbite has become popular with scientists and the media to get the public and governments to act against further increases in global temperature and their associated effects through the communication of scary scenarios, what we term “atmosfear”.  Atmosfear oversimplifies and misstates the true state of the science and policy concerns. Thus, invoking atmosfear is not an effective means of either stimulating or legitimizing climate policies.

Speaker bio: David Schultz is Professor of Synoptic Meteorology at the University of Manchester. He has studied atmospheric phenomena as small as tornadoes and as large as the planetary circulation during the Jurassic. He is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, Senior Fellow of the HEA, and author of Eloquent Science.

The seminar will take place in room C21, in the Pariser Building on Sackville Street– number 12 on the map.

Please RSVP, or contact Amrita with any queries-


Event Details

Location Pariser Building
Start Thursday 30 Jan 2020 12:30am
Finish Thursday 30 Jan 2020 2:00pm

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