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Bad Bugs Bookclub: The Health of Strangers (Cities 2050 – ESRC Festival of Social Science )

Bad Bugs Bookclub: The Health of Strangers by Lesley Kelly

Nobody likes the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team, least of all the people who work for it. An uneasy mix of seconded Police and health service staff, Mona, Bernard and their colleagues stem the spread of the Virus, a mutant strain of influenza, by tracking down people who have missed their monthly health check. Now two young female students are missing…

Join fellow bibliophiles to discuss the topics of viral spread and infection control in this fast-paced crime thriller set in a post-pandemic, near-future Edinburgh. You’ll discover how fiction writers bring fresh perspectives to the age-old horrors of infectious disease. Can scientists, epidemiologists and public health specialists learn new tricks by reading fiction like this? Could we ever expect an officer from Health Enforcement knocking on our door in the middle of the night?

During the evening, we will Skype with author Lesley Kelly to find out more about her motivations for writing the story and what she discovered about epidemiology during her research.

Don’t forget to read the book in advance!

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Refreshments served at 6.30pm.


Event Details

Location MMU Business School
Manchester, M15 6BH
Start Wednesday 6 Nov 2019 6:30pm
Finish Wednesday 6 Nov 2019 8:00pm

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