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Beautiful Trouble 4 Climate Strikers – Manchester (hosted by Lyndsay Burtonshaw, Turning The Tide, Quakers in Britain)

Dreaming, planning and strategy workshop for Manchester Climate Strikers, by Quakers in Britain. Free vegan lunch from Open Kitchen MCR!

in Studio 2, Manchester Art Gallery.

In this workshop, we will share a *FREE* lunch, and explore:

-What can we learn from one whole year of Striking?

-What are our dreams, our ambitions?

-What tactics can we use to supercharge our Strikes?

-Resource mapping – what allies, resources and tools do we have?

– Our plans – what’s next?

Free vegan lunch by Open Kitchen MCR, funded by Quakers in Britain.

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This workshop is for teenager School climate Strikers in the Manchester/Greater Manchester area, who are aged 14+. This is a workshop for the youth activists. This is not a workshop for parents/older allies, or people younger than 14.

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There is no Planet B – so we must win.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”― Arundhati Roy


The day will be facilitated by Lyndsay Burtonshaw from Turning the Tide, and Oonagh Ryder from Economics and Sustainability team at Quakers in Britain.

Lyndsay (they/she) is a facilitator, and has worked with activists on public speaking, white allyship for racial justice, anti-oppression, nonviolent direct action, spiritual activism, and radical youth work. Lyndsay is a Quaker, and is part of collectives Stansted 15, Beautiful Trouble, and Queer Tours Of London, and they love being a drag king and sea swimming.

Oonagh Ryder (she) is the Activism Support Coordinator on the Economics & Sustainability Team at Quaker Peace & Social Witness, supporting Quakers to take action for economic and climate justice in a variety of ways. She has been active in social justice movements for the past twelve years and alongside her work on climate justice is currently involved in organising around prison abolition and prisoner solidarity as part of the Prisoner Solidarity Network. She is an avid listener of podcasts and a devoted EastEnders fan.


Event Details

Location Manchester Art Gallery
Start Saturday 11 Apr 2020 11:00am
Finish Saturday 11 Apr 2020 4:30pm

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