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Big Butterfly Count

Come and join us in this year’s Big Butterfly Count. This is an annual survey of the nation’s butterflies organised by Butterfly Conservation. We’ll meet in front of Salford University’s Maxwell Building and then walk round the meadow inside the nearby bend in the river Irwell, which is usually a great place for butterfly spotting, followed by a picnic lunch.

You can learn more about the Butterfly Count here, and there is a butterfly ID chart to help you work out what species you’ve seen. You can print out the chart and bring it with you, and we’ll also have a few to hand out on the day. Alternatively, you can use the Butterfly Count app to record your sightings.

If you want to learn how to identify butterflies before taking part in the Count, City of Trees are holding a webinar on butterfly identification at 7pm on Thu 22 Jul.

Because butterflies tend to only appear when the weather’s bright or sunny, if it’s raining or dull we probably won’t be able to see any. If the forecast the previous day suggests persistent rain or cloud, we’ll postpone the event to Sunday 8th August at the same time. Obviously, please don’t come along if either yourself or anyone you have come in contact with have recently had any Covid-related symptoms.

Event Details

Location Maxwell Building
, Salford, Greater Manchester
Start Sunday 25 Jul 2021 11:00am
Finish Sunday 25 Jul 2021 1:00pm

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