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Building back better Transport – Atkins Road to Recovery Series

The Atkins Covid-19: ROAD TO RECOVERY SERIES will step up the debate on what’s needed to rebuild and rebalance the Northern Powerhouse.

The North needs to transform the way it connects its people and places. Decades of under-investment in transport has only worked to widen regional inequalities and reduce North’s growth potential. In a post-Covid-19-Brexit global marketplace the Government urgently needs to accelerate its investment in transport and infrastructure projects in the Northern Powerhouse. Promises to level-up and rebalance the economy are high on the Government’s recovery radar. The case for investment in the North’s transport infrastructure has never been stronger.

The Northern Powerhouse has the innovation, skills and capability to deliver ‘shovel-ready’ transport projects; infrastructure innovation and solutions. Government need to support plans for major upgrades, high speed rail and infrastructure which build prosperity in the cities and towns across the North – connecting people to jobs and opportunities. As we move into recovery, how we travel, transport goods, deliver services and connect must change for the better. Investing in transport is the key to unlocking the North’s full potential, rebooting the economy and building back better connectivity and growth.

This high-level roundtable, the second in the Atkins Covid-19: Road to Recovery Series, will bring together business and political leaders to kick start the debate on the transport infrastructure the North needs now, and in the longer term, to rebuild and rebalance the Northern Powerhouse economy.


• What powers and investment do we need from Government to unlock connectivity and growth across the North and rebalance the economy?

• What do we need to do to restore confidence and kick start major transport infrastructure and investment?

• What transport innovation and infrastructure does the North need to prioritise if it is to build back better transport across the Northern Powerhouse?

• Will the Northern Transport Accelerator Council be the “rocket booster” required to deliver major transport plans in the North?

• What kind of jobs, skills and training do we now need to build back better transport and connectivity?

• How do we decarbonise transport and lead the way on Net Zero innovation and solutions?

• What local government funding and support should the Government be giving to meet the challenge of changing travel demands and manage and mitigate risk caused by the pandemic?

• Will the Government commit to major transport infrastructure upgrades and projects like HS2 in full and boost investor confidence?


Lizi Stewart, Director of Transportation, Atkins

Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive, Warrington Council

David Hughes, Strategy and Programme Director, Transport for the North

Matthew Grigor, Public Affairs Manager, Associated British Ports

Will Mapplebeck, Public Affairs Manager, Core Cities UK

Henri Murison, Director, Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Jonathan Spruce, Director, Institution of Civil Engineers

Gill Morris, Chief Executive, DevoConnect


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Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 30 Sep 2020 10:00am
Finish Wednesday 30 Sep 2020 11:30am
Organised by DevoConnect

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