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Buses Consultation Launch Party! (hosted by Better Buses for Greater Manchester)

With the consultation on better buses launching on Monday 14th October, we’re celebrating with a small party and we’d love you to come!

Andy Burnham and the Leaders of Greater Manchester have listened to what we need and want from our buses and we’re going to consultation (the final stage before the decision.)

This means we can have a say on our buses, and call for what we want and deserve: an affordable, easy to use, publicly controlled bus network, like London has always had.

We are tired of bad buses but now we have a huge chance to get services that work for us. If we can make it happen in GM, we’ll be the first in English Law, so let’s answer the consultation! Expect party hats, cake and a song!

Bus companies hate the idea of public control because they like their juicy profit margins.

Come join us to celebrate the consultation opening. We repeat: expect party hats, cake and a song!

It would be lovely if you could come, invite your friends and family and get the word out: We can’t wait to have our say, and we can’t wait to get better buses!

Latest details on Facebook event page

Location: St Peter’s Square Tram stop


Event Details

Location St Peter's Square
Start Monday 14 Oct 2019 11:30am
Finish Monday 14 Oct 2019 12:30pm

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