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Webinar: Campaigns to reduce aviation – a movement for the privileged?

When we talk about Degrowth of Aviation we often talk about the needed changes in lifestyles that come along with it. But not everyone can easily change their lifestyle or their habit of flying. Some people have family abroad, some are forced to fly for their jobs.

Some seem not able to afford other modes of transport. And we don‘t want to go into shaming and blaming in our communication. In the end we need a political and systemic change, but how can we communicate in a way that people can feel included and empowered to join the movement even if they won’t (can’t) stop flying today or tomorrow? In this webinar we want to look at the climate justice movement in Europe and what general critic it faces in terms of diversity and discrimination and proceed towards what Global South movements wish for from European climate justice groups. Finally we will have a more detailed look on power and discrimination structures in our campaigns to reduce aviation and discuss ways to a more diverse and inclusive communication.

Tonny Nowshin (Degrowth and Climate Justice activist)
Gabriela Vega Téllez (Coordinadora de Pueblos y Organizaciones del Oriente del Estado de México)
Sheila Menon (Plane Stupid, #Heathrow13)

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30th April 2020, 5-7pm (CEST) – 7-9pm, UK time

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Location Online
Start Thursday 30 Apr 2020 7:00pm
Finish Thursday 30 Apr 2020 9:00pm
Organised by Stay Grounded
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