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Change is NOW > Decide Together – Bolton Town Hall

We are at a turning point in human history.
It’s becoming clearer every day that the Government isn’t capable of getting us out of the coronavirus mess or preventing climate breakdown. They are more concerned with getting us back to “normal” as rapidly as possible.
It’s time for a Citizens Assembly to decide together on how we should live and how we should prepare for further crises so this never happens again.

As part of the coronavirus recovery, we demand a binding Citizens Assembly on how to rebuild our economy, our democracy and our future. #NoGoingBack #DecideTogether

⏰ WHEN? 12 noon on Saturday 30th May for 1 hour.
📍WHERE? Outside the front of Bolton Town Hall

🚫 WHAT? Come alone, wear a mask and gloves, stand strictly 3 metres apart and send a message to our leaders – local, regional and national – that this time, we must rebuild for the vulnerable and the strong, the young and the old, for all life, together. On your own personal cardboard sign: write a choice for our leaders (“people OR profit”, “past OR future”, or choose a local issue like “new bypass OR new bike lanes” etc). At a local level our message is one of solidarity and support for our councillors and MPs: we will stand with you in this historic moment. Get in touch with your local group to plan a unified local message.

🖐 WHO? Everyone and every part of everyone, standing separated, but united in grief and hope.

📱 SOCIAL MEDIA: Please post photos of your local action and your ‘choice’ signs at exactly 2pm using the hashtags #NoGoingBack and #DecideTogether – XR UK Social Media will share and retweet the best.

To attend this action you must agree to strictly follow all government advice on social distancing and abide by additional guidelines included in the doc.

This protest will strictly NOT be a gathering. By staying minimum 3 metres apart you will be conducting a solo protest nearby others doing the same.

Guidance will be differ for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

🎨 ARTS: Beautiful Design Pack >>  with stencils, graphics and colours. By using a shared creative scheme we can stand united in solidarity across the UK

🌪️UPDATES: Join the No Going Back Telegram for key action updates

🌪️CHAT: Join the Change is Now > Decide Together chat to connect with other local groups and working groups on the 30th May action for mutual support, advice and inspiration


Event Details

Location Bolton Town Hall
Bolton, BL1 1RU
Start Saturday 30 May 2020 12:00pm
Finish Saturday 30 May 2020 1:00pm
Organised by Extinction Rebellion Bolton

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