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Cities 2050: Play Carbon City Zero! (ESRC Festival of Social Science)

London 2050. Cambridge 2050. Edinburgh 2040. Liverpool 2040. Manchester 2038. Bristol 2030. Newcastle 2025. The race to become Britain’s first zero carbon city is on…

As the newly appointed City Mayor your task is simple: create a carbon neutral city – and show the rest of the world how it is done! It sounds easy, but you’ll soon discover that your carbon budgets are hard to balance. Can you hit the zero carbon target before it’s too late?

As part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cities 2050 event, we invite you to enjoy this hands-on, interactive gaming session. Carbon City Zero is a brand-new tabletop game that challenges players to think about decarbonisation and develop plans for a sustainable future. This game is a fun way to explore what it means to be a zero-carbon city and discover the challenges, opportunities and twists that cities will have to address as they seek to cut out their carbon emissions.

The Manchester Games Studies Network (MGSN), established at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016, is an interdisciplinary research group working on games and play. Our focus is on both analogue and digital games, and the MGSN team brings together academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines, including Education, English, Games Design, History, Media Studies, Psychology, Science Communication, and Sociology.

Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science. See the full events schedule

Tickets: Free – Just turn up!

Event Details

Location MMU Business School
Manchester, M15 6BH
Start Tuesday 5 Nov 2019 1:00pm
Finish Tuesday 5 Nov 2019 4:00pm

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