Climate Action Bury: Getting organised, taking action.

In this next meet-up we’ll be breaking up into smaller dedicated sub-groups to focus on key areas related to the Climate Action Plan. As well as developing the ideas we prioritised in our kick-off meeting, and identifying the next steps to realise them.

The Climate Action Plan is divided into 10 sections, (for now) we’ve grouped them in the following working titles:-

Action and participation (one group)

  • Putting our climate at the heart of decision-making (1 = Climate Action Plan section )
  • Raising money (2)
  • Protect the most vulnerable (Climate Justice) [3]

This group will work on getting the Climate Action Plan off the ground with the Council.

Networking and knowledge sharing (One group)

  • Influencing others [8]
  • Campaigning [11]

This group will look at how the council communicates with key groups such as business, education and community to support their transition to a green, zero-carbon Bury.

Five core climate themes (Five groups, each with a lead)
Buildings [4]
Transport [5]
Power [6]
Waste [7]
Land-use [9]

These groups will use their passion, interest or expertise to focus on the key areas of change and transformation needed to realise Bury’s climate goals.

Each group will focus on the actions listed in their section, but we’ll all work together to see how those actions can be realised across Bury with the backing and leadership of our Council.

Everything that can be done, is already being done somewhere, including right here in Bury. That means knowledge gathering and creating connections with existing initiatives, both in and outside the borough. Forming links with relevant council representatives, as well as uncovering the barriers to change.

The group will continue to develop the community-led solutions from our kick-off meeting, working out the next steps to move our most popular actions forward.

Please make sure to RSVP to the event and email any questions, ideas or feedback to – this is very much work in progress!

And of course share this link with friends, family and colleagues!

See you there!!

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Event Details

Location Bury Parish Church
Start Saturday 1 Feb 2020 2:00pm
Finish Saturday 1 Feb 2020 4:00pm