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Climate Anthropology Network Launch

Come and find out about the ASA’s new climate anthropology network and how you can get involved.

Are you an anthropologist working on climate change? Or are you working on climate change and interested in what anthropology might have to offer?

Join us at PeopleFest in Manchester for the inaugural meeting of the ASA Climate Anthropology Network. We will kick off with a discussion of how the network came about and we’ll share a few examples of climate anthropology.

We’ll then open the floor to hear from you about what the Climate Anthropology Network should focus on in its first year.Interested, but busy or not nearby? Sign up to our network mailing list here:

Photos will be taken at this event to be used as University assets. Please inform the organiser if you wish to have any photos in which you appear in deleted.

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Hannah Knox is a Professor of Anthropology at University College London. Her most recent book is Thinking Like a Climate: Governing a City in Times of Environmental Change. Her current project is looking at cultural understandings of energy in the context of decarbonisation.

Nayanika Mathur is Professor of Anthropology and South Asian Studies. at Oxford University. She is the author of Crooked Cats: Beastly Encounters in the Anthropocene (UChicago Press 2021)and is currently working on methodological questions posed by the climate crisis.

Maria Şalaru is a Lecturer in Material Culture at University College London, where she teaches and does research on material and visual culture, the built environment, infrastructure and energy. She is particularly interested in people’s relationships with their buildings in the context of ageing infrastructure and climate emergency.

Anthropology PeopleFest 2024

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Event Details

Location Samuel Alexander Building
Manchester, M13 9PL
Start Friday 5 Apr 2024 1:00pm
Finish Friday 5 Apr 2024 2:30pm
Organised by Anthropology PeopleFest 2024

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