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Climate Conversations

Our question for this week is ‘How do we decide which actions to take?’. The climate crisis is so big and interconnected with other issues, and there’s so much work to be done.

It can be difficult to know where to start. We all have limits on our time and energy and have to decide what we’re going to invest it in. Even if we are already involved in climate action we may still have doubts about whether what we’re doing is the best option (I know I do!).

Climate Conversations is a Peer Support group for anyone concerned about the climate crisis.

Peer support offers a safe space to talk about our experiences, worries and doubts with other people who share our concerns.

Once we have become aware of the enormity and urgency of the climate crisis we need to find ways of coping with that knowledge. We also need to find ways to make changes that will help us tackle the climate crisis collectively. We’re focused on our personal responses, including our emotional life, and the challenge of living our everyday lives in a fossil fuel society.

For more information see the Climate Conversations event page.


Event Details

Location Levenshulme Inspire Cafe
Manchester, M19 3AR
Start Thursday 15 Feb 2024 7:00pm
Finish Thursday 15 Feb 2024 9:00pm

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