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Climate Justice: ‘Climate Justice is Gender Justice!’ (hosted by University of Manchester Students’ Union)

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time and its impact is already causing widespread socio-economic and environmental loss and human suffering around the globe.

However, those impacts are not felt equally. Climate change is so often viewed as a scientific and technical problem but in fact is a social, economic and political one that has hugely profound implications for social justice and gender equality. Not only do power relations and socially constructed gender norms shape the rights and roles of women and men resulting in women being impacted by climate change differently, and often more harshly, but gender (meaning the workings of masculinity and femininity) also shapes our understanding of and responses to global climate change.

This workshop aims to address these complex issues of gender and climate change and acts as a rallying call to feminists interested in global climate politics. It will begin with a talk and Q&A with UoM Doctoral Researcher Joanna Wilson, who will set the scene outlining climate change as a feminist issue and highlighting some of the main challenges facing feminists organising in and around global climate politics. Following this, participants will then be invited to discuss, in smaller groups, how feminists can negotiate and overcome these challenges.

The workshop will end with some broad reflections on feminist resistance in global climate change politics. This workshop will be of interest to scholars and activists alike, and will hopefully sow the seeds for ongoing conversations!

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Event Details

Location University of Manchester Students Union
Start Saturday 22 Feb 2020 5:30pm
Finish Saturday 22 Feb 2020 7:30pm

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