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CLOTHES SWAP: @ Hiya in Sale

Our Clothes Swap is back! Bring all your unworn or unwanted clothes and swap them for new-to-you garms to refresh your wardrobe the eco-friendly way.

This is no second-hand clothes scrum! It’s a boutique shopping experience with a difference. Men’s and women’s clothing are welcome.

NEW VENUE – This month will be back at our new venue bringing our Clothes Swap to the community of Sale (opposite the management office)

Full Address: Stanley Square, Sale, M33 7ZZ


Bring along up to 10 garments (men’s or women’s clothing).

There are two different check-in times, with ticket options to match, so when booking your ticket, select the time that suits you best. Please arrive at your designated check-in time.

For each item of clothing you bring, you’ll get a stamp on your swap card. We grade clothes into two categories on arrival; GREAT (designer, vintage and high-end high street) and GOOD (high street and everything else). You swap like for like, so a Great item gets you another Great item, or you can ‘swap down’ for a Good item. We will be limiting the number of items you can ‘swap up’ (two GOODS for a GREAT) for to 1 item per swap.

Browse the rails and find some clothes you love – try them on if you like!
Check out at the reception desk to get your swap card updated

If you have spare stamps at the end, you can bring them along to the next swap. If you have stamp cards from before the lockdown, these cards will be valid for you to use 🙂

Pro Swapping tip – have a quick sort of your clothes into our above ‘Great’ and ‘Good’ categories before coming and save yourself some time checking in and spend more time swapping!


EARLY BIRD TICKETS. This month we are offering a select amount of Early Bird tickets for £5.50. Once they have sold out remaining tickets will be available for £6.50.

*your order number (beginning with #) will be in your booking confirmation email 🙂

CHECK-IN TIMES: Please arrive during your designated time slot to check in (either 1-2:30pm or 2:30-4pm). We will give a 15 minute shout out before the event ends so you can get to check-out in time.
This month there will be no break between time slots, if you arrive earlier than your time and we are at max capacity we may ask you to wait whilst the previous time slot leaves. This is so that we can minimise crowding at the event as much as possible.

*PLEASE NOTE: We do document our events and share the photos on our social media channels and online – if you do not wish to be photographed, please let a member of our team know on the day.

Book your ticket (£) via Stitched Up event page


Event Details

Location Hiya, Stanley Square
Sale, M33 7ZZ
Start Sunday 7 Jan 2024 2:30pm
Finish Sunday 7 Jan 2024 4:00pm
Organised by Stitched Up

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