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Compass Manchester: Get Election Ready

Rarely has there been more at stake in UK politics, and an election could be called very soon. How do we get ready?

How can people of all parties and none make a difference in the next election?

Join hosts Compass Manchester with guest speakers on Thursday 10th October 2019, 6.30-8.30pm in Manchester’s Friends Meeting House for an evening of debate, short workshops and ideas sharing.

We have a broad spectrum of speakers from progressive parties and campaign groups including:

  • Kate Green MP, Labour
  • April Preston, Lib Dems
  • Chris Ogden, Green Party
  • Tabitha Morton, CEO of More United and spokesperson for The Women’s Equality Party
  • Chaired by: Frances Foley of the Citizen’s Convention of UK Democracy (and formerly Compass).

Our guests will give short ‘lightning talks’ followed by a workshop so everyone can get involved and share their ideas. Finally there will be a Q&A with the panel. It will not be combative in style but there will be crunchy questions.

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What is Compass?

Compass is a national membership organisation with people who want to make a more equal, sustainable and democratic future. We’ve just started a Compass Manchester group and we want to build a constructive, non-tribal space. To build this we plan to create events which bring people together from different progressive parties and none, to foster collaboration.

This will be the first event we are organising as Compass Manchester. We are a small group of committed volunteers but hope to grow something truly collaborative in Manchester. We need your energy to make this happen.If not now, then when?

Why are we doing this event?

Rarely has there been more at stake in UK politics. Boris Johnson is Prime Minister, we are lurching towards a no deal Brexit, and an election could be called very soon. Some want to vote tactically, will this work and what might be the unintended consequences? How do we get ready and co-ordinate?

In our divided political landscape with a voting system designed for and dominated by two parties, many people are struggling to decide how best to campaign, and how to use their vote. And lots of people are thinking about campaigning for the first time, even if they’re not a member of any party.

There are ways to campaign for the same outcomes from different standpoints. There are also many ways we can make a difference before campaigning begins. Let’s come together from different progressive parties and none, to explore ways of working together during this crucial time.

We won’t all agree on the best ways forward, but we hope to share some inspiration, to make new connections, and to get ready. Come along, listen to others and share your ideas. Recharge your batteries and take away one thing that you can do to help build a progressive, fairer future.


Event Details

Location Friends Meeting House
Start Thursday 10 Oct 2019 6:30pm
Finish Thursday 10 Oct 2019 8:30pm

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