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Covid-19: Are we really all in this together?

If irresponsible use of wealth and unsustainable consumption threatens the environment and climate, so does poverty, inequality and economic chaos.

And the pandemic has brought this to people across the globe.

The UK government daily boasts increasing vaccination levels; many people in the  Global South, already daily facing the results of the climate crisis, still have no news of potential vaccination or recovery.   Poverty is threatening the best resolve of all governments to build back better with a green recovery- politically they need to act quickly and this may result in off the shelf business as usual solutions.

Increased global vaccination is a moral, economic and ecological imperative.

But will it be achieved by simply spending more, donating and sharing through the WHO’s COVAX program?  Is “greed” and “capitalism” the answer?  Does “sharing” = “caring”, or is it unrealistically romantic?

There are increasing calls for opening up production globally, but will a “#PeoplesVaccine” result in sub-standard second best materials and back-street production causing  more problems than it solves?

Would upsetting the system that has delivered us wonderful vaccines in a year mean that such a response to future variants and new viruses will be jeopardised?  If they shared the science now would they have to do the same later; for malaria, influenza, cholera, tuberculosis and Aids… heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s… and where would they (and us) be then?

Come and hear experts with different viewpoints at a webinar hosted by Manchester’s Amnesty, Global Justice and Oxfam campaigners’ groups

6pm, Wednesday 14th April  (follow up with an “Any Answers” forum meeting a week later).

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 14 Apr 2021 6:00pm
Finish Wednesday 14 Apr 2021 7:30pm
Organised by Manchester Oxfam Campaigns Group / Global Justice Manchester / Amnesty International

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