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Cucusonic – an immersive sound journey into biodiversity and climate change in Colombia

From dawn to dusk inside the changing soundscapes of a Colombian rainforest, an immersive sound journey into biodiversity and climate change

How can listening to the sounds of nature be a way of sharing and developing understandings of biodiversity and climate change?

Our immersive 7 channel audio installation is the outcome of a partnership between Cucusonic, a collective ofColombian biological scientists and anthropologists, the University of Manchester’s Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, the charity In Place of War, and Studio Mécanique, a music production facility in Switzerland.

We came together to build a bank of natural and bioacoustic sound recordings from the Neotropical forests of Colombia and to combine these with climate change data from a small farm as part of an immersive audio composition.

We will present the composition along with a short film about the project and discuss the idea behind the work, that the sounds of habitats and species such as birds, bats and frogs can be heard in different ways: as a measure of biodiversity, as a feature of the cultural imagination of local communities, as a creative resource for musicians to compose with and as a means of connecting to climate data.

Photos will be taken at this event to be used as University assets. Please inform the organiser if you wish to have any photos in which you appear in deleted.

Register your (free) place via Eventbrite.  Three sessions  11am-12noon,  2-3pm,  7-8pm.


Rupert Cox, Director of Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester. Interested in art-science collaboration, visual and sensory studies, military geographies, eco-acoustics.

Alejandro Valencia-Tobon works at the intersection of public art and biological science, using sound to address the threats to biodiversity(

Julien Fehlmann, Founder and Director of music prodution facility Studio Mécanique and non-profit IRMA (, which develops and suppors music projects in violence-affected contexts.

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