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Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s COVID-19 Recovery

While the COVID-19 crisis has increased pressures on national resources and added urgent threats to public health, it has also provided a unique opportunity to rethink our priorities and approaches. As we plot our way out of the pandemic there is an opportunity to put carbon reduction at the centre of our recovery efforts.

Consumption emissions have a key role to play.


Cities like Manchester, with an import-based economy, outsource a large amount of their carbon emissions to areas where goods and services are produced. It is estimated that the consumption-based footprint for Manchester is at least 1.5 times larger than its production-based footprint.

Dr Jana Wendler and Dr Joe Blakey have published a report ‘Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s Covid-19 Recovery.’ The report highlights 6 ‘Big Picture’ messages which can guide a climate orientated recovery from Covid-19, focusing on making consumption-based carbon reduction a key part of Manchester’s recovery strategy.

We’re bringing together the research team, students, residents and Manchester MPs and councillors to have an action orientated discussion around a sustainable economic recovery plan post-covid. There will be time for Q&A.

Event Details

Location Online
Start Tuesday 20 Apr 2021 5:00pm
Finish Tuesday 20 Apr 2021 6:30pm
Organised by Hope for the Future
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