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Decarbonising Consumption in Mcr’s COVID Recovery: Organisatons & Citizens

This workshop invites businesses and citizens to consider how consumption decarbonisation can be part of Manchester’s COVID-19 recovery.
This workshop is open to all organisations and citizens within the City of Manchester, along with any other interested parties. The aim of this workshop is to identify opportunities and barriers to the inclusion of climate change commitments surrounding consumption into Manchester’s COVID-19 recovery plans.

It is part of a broader project entitled Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s COVID-19 Recovery which also seeks to deliver on this aim. The project adopts the premise that tackling emissions from consumption, and climate change more generally, should be central to economic recovery from COVID-19 (coronavirus) to also avoid dangerous levels of warming.

The outputs from this workshop will feed in to a body of evidence submitted to the Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership, who are in turn formally supporting Manchester City Council to embed climate change in to the city’s recovery plans.

Consumption-related emissions (often called consumption-based, indirect or ‘scope 3’ emissions) relate to emissions consequent from the goods and services that cities consume, regardless of where they might be emitted.

In these workshops, we will be considering the following consumption-related emissions hotspots:

Waste and waste water
Food and drink
Other manufactured goods
Transport beyond the city
A separate morning session for University of Manchester academics has also be arranged.

The project is funded by the ESRC IAA Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund and additional support and funding has been provided by the Manchester Climate Change Agency.

Dr Joe Blakey is the Principal Investigator. Dr Jana Wendler is also kindly supporting this research.

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 3:30pm
Finish Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 5:30pm
Organised by Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s COVID-19 Recovery (University of Manchester)

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