EcoHome Lab: Local Energy Communities

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10 October

This month is about Local Energy Communities – a new entity in the European energy market – and what they mean for how we generate and consume energy.
Our guest speaker will be Joannes Laveyne (@Laveyne_J) from Ghent University in Belgium who will talk about some interesting projects involving collective voltage control of solar PV inverters using open source software!

Ben will give an overview of the new Carbon Co-op demand side response service – – and how to get involved in the beta testing and demonstrate some actual demand side response using his home heating system. We will also show the hardware we are using to make this happen.

Afterwards (at about 7.30) we will head off to the pub.

See Meetup page for more details.


Event Details

Location URBED offices
Start Thursday 10 Oct 2019 6:00pm
Finish Thursday 10 Oct 2019 7:30pm