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EcoHome Lab: open source control of home energy systems

This months EcoHomeLab is on the topic of open source control of home energy systems. We will be having presentations from Carbon Co-op staff and Trystan Lea from Open Energy Monitor/Megni but will leave a lot of time at the end for show and tell!
* How do you control your home energy appliances like EV chargers and electric heating systems to take advantage of things like Octopus Agile or just an off peak tariff? Do you do it manually? Do you use a timer? Did you write your own python script to do it?!

* How do we best implement the wide variety of preferences that people have in how they want their appliances to operate?

* What amount of control do you want over how your systems operate? If you dont want any control what information do you need to be happy that it is working properly?


Carbon Co-op ( has been wrestling with how best to control EV chargers and electric heating systems in its PowerShaper trial ( Our approach is built on the open source Home Assistant software which permits a lot of customisation over how things are controlled at the expense of complexity! We are now looking to support dynamic time of use tariffs like Octopus Agile as well as solar PV power matching.

Trystan Lea works for Megni/Open Energy Monitor ( which make open source solutions for monitoring and controlling home energy systems including their emonPi monitoring/control hub and an open source EV charger – the emonEVSE which can be easily monitored/controlled using a local HTTP/MQTT API. He will talk about their ‘Demand Shaper’ feature for the emonPi which optimises the operation of the emonEVSE and other appliances subject to the Octopus Agile tariff.


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Location Online
Start Thursday 11 Mar 2021 6:00pm
Finish Thursday 11 Mar 2021 7:30pm
Organised by EcoHome Lab

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