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Flashmob Song – rehearsal (hosted by XR Chorlton)

XR Chorlton is teaming up with the with the Open Voice Community Choir to hold a Flashmob Song action in the city centre on Saturday 30 November to raise awareness about climate crisis and encourage more people to join campaigning.

The group have been getting some songs and words together over the past few weeks and have arranged a rehearsal  at St Margaret’s Church. The church is on the corner of Rufford Rd and Whalley Rd just off Withington Rd.

No experience necessary!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re individually any good at singing or not – the beautiful sound comes from all our voices rising together. And being part of it is a gloriously moving experience in itself.


Event Details

Location St Margaret's Church
Manchester, M16 8AE
Start Wednesday 23 Oct 2019 7:30pm
Finish Wednesday 23 Oct 2019 8:30pm

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