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Forest Loss in 2023: Regional Contexts and Global Trends (Global Forest Watch)

What were the trends in forest loss in 2023, and what factors are impacting these trends at the country and regional levels? Where are the bright spots of forest loss decline, and where are the areas of concern?

Join World Resource Institute’s Global Forest Watch for an analysis of the latest annual tree cover loss data from the University of Maryland’s GLAD lab on Thursday, April 4, from 9-10 am EDT.

Following a presentation of the 2023 tree cover loss data, we will host a discussion around the specific contexts, implications and impacts of these findings at country and regional levels.
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We also invite you to explore the tree cover loss data, in-depth analysis and expert insights on the state of the world’s forests, which will be released on the Global Forest Review prior to the webinar on Thursday, April 4.

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Thursday 4 Apr 2024 2:00pm
Finish Thursday 4 Apr 2024 3:00pm
Organised by World Resources Institute and Global Forest Watch.

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