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Getting GM Moving One Mile at a Time Curating and co-designing a resource

Join us to help us start to co-design some resources to help get Greater Manchester Moving one mile at at time #GMDailyMile

Since May 2020 Collaborate Out Loud CIC have been working with GM Moving to engage communities to understand hat would help them to walk more each day in the aim of helping people across all communities to walk a mile a day and Greater Manchester to become the first Daily Mile City Region.

This work has been virtually due to Covid and will continue to take place alongside the next phase of co-design.

We are now at the stage where we feel we can start to bring people together to start to look at the emerging themes and ideas and make sense of what these are telling us and what the next stage might be for the resource.

In this session we will:

Create opportunities for community members from across Greater Manchester to come together in an inclusive space to explore what we are learning so far

Spend time understanding what the findings so far are telling us

Consider what this means for future resources and support

Develop some prototype ideas we can start to take out to a broader group to share and test before developing further

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 15 Jul 2020 1:00pm
Finish Wednesday 15 Jul 2020 3:00pm
Organised by Collaborate Out Loud CIC

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