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Investing in Greater Manchester’s Natural Environment (Greater Manchester Environment Fund)

An opportunity to find out about GMEF’s collaboration and investment opportunities so together we can create a greener Greater Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Environment Fund (GMEF) is the UK’s first regional environmental impact fund benefitting the region socially, environmentally, and financially. We are a central funding source for environmental projects that are working to benefit both nature and people.

We bring together the most urgent causes and supporters, matching generous funding from philanthropists, private donors, environmental taxes and compensation funds with exciting projects of all sizes across Greater Manchester. We have already supported over 100 projects across Greater Manchester, ranging from encouraging recycling and reuse to improving accessible green space, and creating and restoring habitats that will reverse nature’s decline.

We are working with companies to deliver their Biodiversity Net Gain commitments, and accelerate an organisation’s journey to Net Zero through carbon offsetting opportunities. We can work with businesses to direct funds from enforcement undertakings, taxes and levies (such as landfill tax and carrier bag charges) into environmental causes.

The fund was formed as a unique partnership between The Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The Event:

Air pollution, habitat loss and climate change are threatening the future health and prosperity of Greater Manchester, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The Greater Manchester Environment Fund is hard at work to build a greener and fairer Greater Manchester for generations to come. However, the challenge is huge and we recognise that we can make a bigger impact through collaborating with businesses and other organisations. If you share our desire to boost nature across our region, we invite you to find out more about our work, progress to date and opportunities to invest and work together.

A special thank you to Natural Course who have been pivotal in their support for the establishment of GMEF and have kindly offered to fund the event.

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Event Details

Location Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Manchester, M3 3WD
Start Thursday 30 Nov 2023 1:00pm
Finish Thursday 30 Nov 2023 6:00pm
Organised by Greater Manchester Environment Fund

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