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Local Authorities: Why Cargo Bikes Work – Webinar (Landor Links)

The explosion of online and app-based delivery services has made the challenges of last-mile delivery tougher. Cargo bikes are the obvious zero emission choice, helping local authorities to meet net zero, air quality and decongestion targets.

The Department for Transport has recently launched a consultation designed to support the use of cargo bikes, describing the policy objective as “to increase usage, support active travel, reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, and cut congestion”.

This webinar will take a deep dive into how local authorities are both supporting – and benefitting from – the growing number of cargo bike services now operating in the UK.

These range from large fleets operated by national retailers and high street delivery services, local cargo delivery operators and businesses using their own bikes.

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Department for Transport, March 2024
“E-cargo bikes can deliver the objectives and benefits of active travel as electrical assistance helps riders of cargo bikes transport goods with greater ease. In particular, the use of e-cargo bikes by freight and logistics operators can reduce congestion from other vehicles and improve air quality.”

Cargo bikes can save time and money as well as the planet: studies show that they can deliver cost savings of 80% to 90% versus a traditional commercial vehicle.

There is no one-size-fits-all operational model for cargo bike services – but some are more successful than others. So what does good really look like?

This session will put these questions to our expert panel:

  • What’s needed to scale up cargo bikes to the next step?
  • What’s the quickest route to getting more cargo bikes into service?
  • What can we learn from them success of different operational models?
  • Plus lots of case studies to illustrate the above…..

Our panel

Minesh Agnihotri: General Manager, Public Sector Partnerships, Zedify

Ersilia Verlinghieri: Senior Research Fellow, School of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster

Oli Ivens: Head of Consulting, MP Smarter Travel

Tristan Allen Partner, Fully Charged Silverstone


Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 10 Apr 2024 2:00pm
Finish Wednesday 10 Apr 2024 3:30pm
Organised by Landor Links

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