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Local Authority Climate Action Plans: Waste Minimisation

Are you an organisation that wants to reduce waste?

Nature doesn’t design in waste … so why should we? Examples of great practice and resources to support ‘designing out’ waste Local Authority role in waste minimisation – in house and in wider business and community

Including key speakers from WRAP, The Spark Fund and Allerton Park Waste Recovery Centre. This webinar will provide inspiration and techniques to encourage waste minimisation in the public, private and community sectors, contributing to low carbon aspirations.

Waste minimisation is for all colleagues in Local Authority services, not only in Waste Collection services! This webinar will explore how Local Authorities can utilise support from WRAP, how Economic Development / business support can influence their local businesses and how waste minimisation messages can be developed in the wider community.

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Thursday 26 Nov 2020 2:00pm
Finish Thursday 26 Nov 2020 3:30pm
Organised by York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

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