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Lunch time series – Black Girls Hike talk

Join Rhiane Fatinikun, founder of Black Girls Hike, to learn about their award-winning work to reconnect black women with the great outdoors

In 2019, Rhiane Fatinikun founded Black Girls Hike to create a safe space for black women to enjoy the great outdoors. Challenging the status quo, and encouraging Black women to reconnect with nature, they host nationwide group hikes, outdoor activity days and training events.

In this lunchtime webinar, Rhiane will explain how and why she founded Black Girls Hike. She’ll tell us about what they do and they’re challenging the lack of inclusivity in the outdoors.

She’ll describe how they are enabling their community to reconnect with nature and realise all the benefits of accessing nature.

About Rhiane

Rhiane is an award winning outdoor activist, and the founder of Black Girls Hike UK, a non profit organisation challenging the lack of representation and inclusion of people of colour in the outdoor community, whilst providing a safe environment for Black women to reconnect with nature.

Lunchtime webinars

Lunchtime webinars are a series of 60 minute talks and discussions for Friends of the Earth staff, local group members and Climate Action Group activists. These talks are designed to stimulate thinking and increase awareness of different approaches to campaigning and the issues other campaigns are tackling.

They might not always be directly related to our core campaigns at Friends of the Earth. They might not even be at lunchtime! But they will give us food for thought more broadly about challenges and opportunities.

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Tuesday 11 May 2021 1:00pm
Finish Tuesday 11 May 2021 2:00pm
Organised by Friends of the Earth

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