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Meet The Meteor Team

The Meteor team has created a democratic media co-operative in Manchester. Find out more about the team’s work, aims and hopes.

Join us for an informal evening to learn more about members of The Meteor team and take the opportunity to let us know what you think of our progress so far and suggest what we should be reporting on in the future.

How did we get involved? What do we think are the important issues that need reporting on? Why did we set up as a co-op? What challenges have we faced due to the Covid-19 crisis? The Meteor team will provide answers to these questions and to those put to us by participants in this event.

A short five minute introduction by each of the Meteor team will then be followed by a Q&A session where we want to hear your questions and suggestions about our current work and what we should be doing as a co-operative media organisation in the future.

To round off the evening we will discuss the effects that social media – rife with lies, abuse, deceit and conspiracy theories – is having on the modern media landscape and what we can do about it

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The four Meteor team members taking part are:

Conrad Bower – Founding Director, Co-editor and Production Team Member

Conrad washed ashore in Manchester in 2013 after his voyage of discovery into scientific research ended in a shipwreck. Working as a freelance journalist/writer since then he has concentrated on reporting on issues around social justice, the environment and human rights. A staunch advocate for the scientific method and rational debate for understanding the world, he believes only greater public understanding and engagement in the problems that face us all can produce progressive societies, from the local to the global, that can combat the multiple crises we face.

James Doheny – Meteor Community Member

Writer, journalist and Meteor Community Member, James is a former BBC Radio journalist/presenter with bylines in The Times and WIRED. He has also been a business consultant for companies including Apple. A relatively recent addition to The Meteor team, James chaired our recent Zoom panel debate ‘The Covid-19 crisis offers opportunities to create a better society – can we seize them?’. His primary journalistic interests are politics, tech and music, which combine in his biography of Radiohead – ‘Radiohead: The Stories behind Every Song’.

Dale Anne McAulay – Production Team Member

Dale Anne McAulay was an international mathematics teacher for forty years before returning to university to obtain a master’s degree in multimedia journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dale is a Canadian who has travelled to 60 countries, living and working in four of them and currently resides in Manchester. She considers herself an educator, world traveller, multiculturalist, and an egalitarian. Dale is a freelance journalist and is on The Meteor’s Production Team.

Nicholas Prescott – Founding Director and Production team Member

Alongside writing articles and producing a regular newsletter which features published stories and upcoming events, he also organises and facilitates Meteor events including the Meteoric Metres Open Mic Night. Nick is circle lead on the Communities group which is responsible for facilitating engagement with co-op members and minority communities around Manchester through a community organising model.

It would be great to see you attend this event, so please do come along and let us know your thoughts on how we can provide a better service to the many communities in Greater Manchester we reach. This is also an excellent opportunity for The Meteor team to get to know our members and wider readership better, which will help us to provide more informed and insightful content reporting on these increasingly interesting times.

Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 3 Jun 2020 6:00pm
Finish Wednesday 3 Jun 2020 7:00pm
Organised by The Meteor

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