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Moss Planting Day (hosted by BMC North West Area)

Join BMC NW volunteer Steve Charles for a day supporting the National Trust and Moors for the Future, restoring upland blanket bog.

Register your interest in advance: Email Steve Charles:

**What’s happening on the day and why**

The National Trust is working to restore upland blanket bog by planting Sphagnum Moss plug plants on parts of upland areas in the Peak District and Pennine Moors.

The BMC North West area is keen to supply a team of volunteers for a day in a moss planting project on Holcombe Moor, near Ramsbottom, in association with the National Trust and Moors for the Future Partnership (MftF).

Sphagnum Moss is a key building block of peat and healthy blanket bog and keeps the underlying peat banks safe.

Sphagnum traps carbon dioxide hence peat stores carbon and so protection and restoration of blanket bog is an important part of the fight against climate change!

Did you know that there is more carbon stored in the peat moors of the UK than in all the forests of the UK and France combined?

Sphagnum moss, with its extraordinary water retention qualities, also helps reduce flooding by holding back water, and filtering out peat materials that would otherwise be washed off into rivers and reservoirs.

Be a part of this brilliant event run by volunteers in the north west.

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Event Details

Location Holcombe Moor
Start Sunday 29 Mar 2020 10:00am
Finish Sunday 29 Mar 2020 4:00pm

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