Parts Per Million: The Climate Crisis MegaGame.

event on
6 October

“Can we deal with climate change while moving to a fairer society? Are we all in it together? How deeply will we have to transform our lives? Playing this game will help you answer these questions while training you in the skills need to implement your solutions. Come up with proposals, negotiate with other actors and decide on strategies to mobilise the support you need. Who says fighting the climate crisis can’t involve serious fun?”
I’m looking into hosting this climate change themed mega-game (think part large boardgame, part roleplaying game) in early September. Venue likely to be Partisan. Will be 36/48 players on the day and I’m asking everyone for a fiver to cover costs of venue and travel for the games designers (Keir, Gaz, and Will from Leeds).

Any surplus will go to ACORN Manchester – Union for the community (it’s not a climate group but it is an organisation I’m part of and think is brilliant). I’ll put a link up to purchase tickets at some point sooner to the event.

Invite your mates etc. as we need multiples of 12 to make it work.

Latest details and confirmed venue on Facebook event page

Vemue (tbc): Partisan


Event Details

Location Partisan
Start Sunday 6 Oct 2019 10:00am
Finish Sunday 6 Oct 2019 5:00pm