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Rally: Lloyd’s insure our future, not Adani!

Rally online to tell Lloyd’s of London to act on the climate crisis, not act as the last refuge for climate wreckers like Adani to secure insurance!

Right now, Adani are RACING to lock in insurers willing to risk their reputations on Adani’s disastrous climate-wrecking coal mine.

But with the world’s major insurers turning their backs on coal, Adani have been forced to scour the Lloyd’s of London “insurance marketplace” —  a last resort where groups of insurers meet to cobble together dodgy deals for some of the riskiest projects on earth.

Together, our movement has already pushed several Lloyd’s insurers to rule out Adani’s dangerous coal, now it’s time for the whole marketplace to close its doors to Adani for good!

At this online rally, we’ll bombard Lloyd’s and their insurers over the phone, email and social media, calling on them to insure our future not Adani’s coal mine.

The online rally is at 7pm-8.15pm Wednesday 28th October AEDT (VIC, NSW, ACT). That’s 6-7.15pm QLD, 4-5.15pm WA, 5.30-6.45pm NT, 6.30-745pm SA.

UK time: 8am, 28th October

Together, let’s stop Adani’s insurance to #StopAdani! Sign up now to join the rally and take part in this historic global Stop Adani moment.

As you read this, Adani are desperately searching the Lloyd’s of London insurance marketplace for the insurance they need to build their destructive mine.

But people in Australia aren’t the only ones who want to stop Adani’s disaster project and get Lloyd’s of London to take action on the climate crisis.

Allies from the Pacific Islands, the UK and Poland also want Lloyd’s to stop acting as the last refuge for climate wreckers like Adani – and will be joining us at the online rally!

Sign up now to join the rally and take part in this historic global Stop Adani moment.

Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 28 Oct 2020 8:00am
Finish Wednesday 28 Oct 2020 9:15am
Organised by Stop Adani

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