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Reducing road danger: empowering local communities

In the time of #COVID-19 the changing transport scene highlights the need to reduce road danger.

These webinars will build on the experience of initiatives in London and be of relevance to campaigners and transport professionals throughout the UK.

The first event on October 22nd focuses on how police can work with the community to reduce road danger. The second event on October 29th focuses on how active travel campaigners are getting the community onside.

October 22nd – speakers

Welcome – Baroness Jones

“Vision Zero: Enforcement and reducing road danger” (including using 3rd party reporting) Andy Cox, formerly Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Roads and Traffic Police

“How important is dashcam footage when a crash happens?” Ciara Lee.

“Using the technology” –

Madison/Cycliq bike camera lights

Nextbase Dashcams

“Cycling Mikey”

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October 29th – speakers

Welcome – Baroness Jones

“Reducing speeds in your neighbourhood – 20mph speed limits, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and Community Roadwatch” Jeremy Leach, Action Vision Zero

“Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Winning over the local community”: Clare Rogers, London Cycling Campaign

“Involving your Police and Crime Commissioner” Victoria Lebrec, RoadPeace

Register for the RoadPeace event via Eventbrite


Event Details

Location Online
Start Thursday 22 Oct 2020 4:00pm
Finish Thursday 22 Oct 2020 5:30pm
Organised by RoadPeace and Road Danger Reduction Forum

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