Rescue Boat at the XR Northern Rebellion (hosted by Stand Up To Racism Manchester )

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30 August

Climate change is set to create millions of environmental refugees – people forced from their homes and land – by rising temperatures, sea level change and extreme weather events. As a solidarity action at the XR Northern Rebellion at the end of August in central Manchester we will bring a ‘Rescue Boat’. The Rescue Boat will part of the Northern Rebellion. It will send the message – Climate Refugees Welcome Here! Fight racism and climate chaos! Our aim is to fill the Rescue Boat with aid for refugees – to be distributed by Care4Calais to child refugees in northern France.
A fire fighter who rescued drowning refugees in the Mediterranean is being charged with ‘people smuggling’. Many XR Rebels face criminal charges after taking direct action. Saving lives is not a crime, just as taking action to save the planet is not a crime. We need to save both people and planet.

Over four days Extinction Rebellion will be organising a Northern Rebellion: a series of Rebel protests, a Rebel festival, a Rebel school, and much more.

Updates and more details will follow. See Facebook event page.

Check out Manchester XR

Check out the Environment Justice Foundation

And Care4Calais


Event Details

Location TBC
Start Friday 30 Aug 2019 10:00am
Finish Friday 30 Aug 2019 5:30pm