Ride It Out this March

The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising…must be time to go for a bike ride!

Starting 1 March we’ll have 4 themed weeks, each with a different reason to ride and enjoy all the benefits that biking can bring. From the physical and mental benefits through to the fun and adventurous, Ride it Out is a great way to get healthier and happier whilst helping the planet too.

Register for Ride it Out to hop back in the saddle and get ready for a long summer of biking 🚵‍♀️💚🌈

Each week we’ll share a theme to motivate you to get back in the saddle:

🧡 Week 1 Ride – HEALTHY

A chance to saddle up and enjoy all the health benefits of biking, from sleeping better to living longer and everything in between.

🌈 Week 2 Ride – RELAXED

A week dedicated to the wellbeing aspects of biking. Whether it’s riding with friends, reconnecting with nature or reducing stress levels, this week is all about enjoying the ride at your own pace.

🌍 Week 3 Ride – GREEN

Help save the planet by swapping cars for handlebars! Swap one of your regular journeys to a bike ride; it can be a grocery shop, school run, commute and we’ll share some tips to make it simple.

☀️ Week 4 Ride – FREE

Ride it Out will finish with a week of adventures from the saddle. We want everyone to do something new on their ride! The adventure can be big or small like heading to a new place, riding at night, going off-road, cycling with a friend…there are so many possibilities, that’s why they’re called freedom machines.

How can I take part?

1. Anyone, anywhere can register for Love to Ride. You can record your mileage, set yourself goals and earn badges too.

2. For our four main events, and at other times throughout the year, enjoying a ride and logging it on your Love to Ride profile will enter you into the draw for amazing prizes including brand new bikes, gear, vouchers and more!


PLEASE NOTE: This event is listed in our cycling events calendar for Greater Manchester. It is not organised by Manchester Friends of the Earth nor the Love Your Bike campaign and does not necessarily reflect their policies. We recommend checking with the organisers in case of a change of time or location.

Event Details

Location Greater Manchester
Start Monday 1 Mar 2021 1:00am
Finish Monday 1 Mar 2021 11:55pm
Repeats on 1st March 2021. 2nd March 2021. 3rd March 2021. 4th March 2021. 5th March 2021. 6th March 2021. 7th March 2021. 8th March 2021. 9th March 2021. 10th March 2021. 11th March 2021. 12th March 2021. 13th March 2021. 14th March 2021. 15th March 2021. 16th March 2021. 17th March 2021. 18th March 2021. 19th March 2021. 20th March 2021. 21st March 2021. 22nd March 2021. 23rd March 2021. 24th March 2021. 25th March 2021. 26th March 2021. 27th March 2021. 28th March 2021. 29th March 2021. 30th March 2021. 31st March 2021.