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Tax Heaven or Hell – Alex Cobham on a just tax system

Alex Cobham is the chief executive of the Tax Justice Network. We will discuss tax heavens and building a fairer tax system.

The Covid -19 pandemic has sparked a new recession disproportionately affecting the worse off.

Furthermore, the top 0.01%’s earnings increasing substantially over this lockdown, widening inequality. In order to ensure that the damage to the economy and livelihoods is limited, spending is unlikely to decline significantly in the coming years. So how can we afford it? Although raising taxes will increase government income, there will still be vast amounts of wealth owned by the top earners and companies that will remain untouched. This is partly down to dubious international tax laws, alongside the existence of tax havens.

Alex Cobham, chief executive of the Tax Justice Network, will be joining us to discuss the effect these tax havens are having on inequality and whether a correction of the tax system can ease the effects of increased government spending over the course of the pandemic. The Tax Justice network is the leading international organisation dedicated to ending the global damage caused by tax havens and corporate tax abuse.

Alex Cobham’s work focuses on illicit financial flows, effective taxation for development, and inequality. As inequality widens and government spending increases, it is ever more pressing to establish a tax system that enforces a just taxation for everyone. Alex Cobham’s insight will introduce various ideas not currently studied in economics education.

Come along to learn from and discuss with Alex Cobham!

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Event Details

Location Online
Start Wednesday 14 Apr 2021 5:00pm
Finish Wednesday 14 Apr 2021 6:30pm
Organised by Post-Crash Economics Society

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