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‘The Coronanvirus Crisis: What it means for global justice’ (Jubilee Debt Campaign Manchester with Global Justice Manchester)

Greater Manchester has links with communities around the world and a long history of challenging economic injustice; what can we do in Manchester and wherever we are now?

The pandemic is hitting the poorest hardest and threatens to increase inequalities. As the initial shock of the pandemic passes fundamental decisions are being taken which have long-term implications with scant regard for justice and democratic accountability.

As secret trade talks get underway again what sort of economy is proposed for the UK, and how will it hit people here and in the Global South?


Eva Wilkinson (Jubilee Debt Campaign) will talk about the pre-existing Debt Crisis, how the emergency has been exacerbated, the initial NGO challenge to G20 and International Financial Institutions’ responses, and future threats relating to debt.

Dotty Guerrero (Global Justice Now) will examine broader economic issues threatening a sustainable future that are often overlooked by our media.

Our specialists will bring up to date insights into the latest developments in fields such as: finance, corporate litigation, trade rules and liberalisation, implications for the environment and climate emergencies, standards in food, animal welfare, workers’ conditions, public services, healthcare…

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For security and manageability the meeting will not allow oral interaction so participants are asked to post questions, responses and reflections as the meeting runs using the “Chat” facility as well as to tweet.  Links will be posted and available during and after the meeting.

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Start Tuesday 19 May 2020 6:30pm
Finish Tuesday 19 May 2020 8:00pm
Organised by Jubilee Debt Campaign Manchester with Global Justice Manchester

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