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Top tools and tactics to build people power in the digital age (Social Movement Technologies

Learn the latest ways you can deploy online tools and tactics in combination with offline organising for multiple uses, including:

  • engaging supporters
  • broadening your base
  • raising money
  • pressuring key people
  • winning campaigns

Key digital tools and tactics will be shared to help you learn what other organisers are doing to win and how you can do it with limited time and money. This’ll be a fast-paced overview. Plenty of additional resources will be shared should you wish to go deeper on specific topics. Suitable for all – from digital novices to digital experts.

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We’ll cover:


  • Components of a strong online/offline campaign strategy, including strategy and plan templates
  • An introduction to the implications of movement ecology and phases, power mapping, and escalation for building people power
  • The roles of storytelling and public narrative, and resources to support your development of strong campaign narratives
  • Being ready for trigger events, including workflows and online tool combinations that groups are finding useful to activate large numbers of people quickly, including in distributed action
  • Examples of the role of humor and joy in online and offline tactics, and especially examples of creating dilemma situations for targets, where you win no matter how they respond
  • Ways groups are using A.I. to support their work
  • Special attention to organizing under authoritarian regimes

Measuring Results

  • How to measure online and offline power, going beyond vanity metrics, and how to implement this across your organization so it works

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Got a list of supporters that aren’t really active? We’ll talk about building a vibrant activist pipeline and integrating mobile messaging.
  • Spending time posting but not seeing much result? The 3 mistakes that many groups make with their posting approach on social media, and what we recommend instead. What social media channel to use for who and what (including X (Twitter) alternatives) and using hashtag hijacking on any channel
  • The mistakes many groups are making with Facebook ads, and what we recommend instead
  • Video still an expensive small part of your content? Recommendations for how to turn that around
  • What to do if your emails are sucking up time and not producing results, including the key pointers for the list curation everyone should do once a year
  • Managing your work on email or spreadsheets? It’s time for a campaign management tool
  • Struggling with fundraising? Overly reliant on foundation money? How to make sure you’re set up for effective fundraising from your base: tools, online ad recommendations, workflow and templates
  • Know you should be doing more for digital security? Most groups make a few easily avoidable mistakes on implementation. Digital security recommendations with a special focus on the top 5 things to do and how to ease implementation  across your team or activist network

Tech Stack Recommendations for Zero-Budget and Larger Groups

  • Recommended tech stacks (tool combinations) for all-volunteer groups or movements with no budget, to larger staffed organizations with more resources. We’ll also mention some commonly used tools that should be avoided and suggest solid alternatives.


Event Details

Start Tuesday 28 Nov 2023 10:00am
Finish Tuesday 28 Nov 2023 11:30am
Organised by Social Movement Technologies

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