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Webinar: Save the Planning Act (Rights: Community: Action)

Boris is taking an axe to our planning system. Find out what he’s up to, why it matters, and what to do about it.

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Rights: Community: Action invite you to join this special expert seminar on understanding the Planning White Paper changes and what they could mean for you.

You’ll hear our views on what’s ahead, and what we think can be done about it – and about the new Charter for Planning Democracy.  And you’ll get a chance to have your questions answered.

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Naomi Luhde-Thompson (Rights : Community : Action)

Dr Hugh Ellis (Town and Country Planning Association / Rights : Community : Action)

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The Government has decided to hand over even more power to developers in its Planning White Paper proposals. It’s already changed the law to make it easier for developers to turn offices into homes without asking for permission from the council, something which we are challenging.

These changes are bad for local democracy, the quality of what gets built where we live, and our right to have a say.

Already the voices of people are not being heard. Everywhere development is happening that isn’t climate friendly, doesn’t protect our green spaces, and isn’t affordable for those most in need of homes. Our places are under threat and bad developments are driving up carbon emissions and leading to increased air pollution.

We all want to live in places that are not polluted, are safe for the youngest and oldest in our society to enjoy, have plenty of green space, and where we can all afford to live and work.

But the new proposals cut out local councils from having a say on individual developments. When the local plan is made, you’ll lose your right to be heard in person. These local plans will give permission for developments across whole areas.

Find out more about planning reform, and the new Charter for Rights and Democracy.

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Start Friday 18 Sep 2020 6:00pm
Finish Friday 18 Sep 2020 7:00pm
Organised by Rights: Community: Action
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