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Week Eleven, 11th – 15th June: Green Party Week (United Resistance at Preston New Road)

Week Eleven, 11th – 15th June: Green Party Week… like conference but with free camping in a field with music, food and solidarity that will take us to the gates of the fracking site each day for events and actions (so actually… not really like conference! But the bit about a whole lot of lovely Greens together and achieving results is ♥ ).

The hosting takes place at ‘Maple Farm community hub‘ (PR4 3PE) – just down the road from the fracking site that sits between Blackpool and Preston. We are able to provide free of charge: safe camping space plus some communal tents for those travelling light… 3 meals per day… kitchen and dining room areas… media hub… communal indoor space… composting and portaloo facilities for disabled… quite a bit of parking space and a whole lot of gratitude.

The Green Party week will be part of what we’re calling the “United Resistance… 3 months of Love & Defiance” – that starts off on 2nd of April with the ‘ Week One, 2nd – 6th April: Nanas/Women against Fracking‘ and each week following is ‘adopted’ by different groups ie: Faith Week (Catholics/Quakers/Buddhists/Pagans etc) – Art Week – Unions Week – Camps Week – Yorkshire Week etc. We will conclude the United Resistance at the end of June with a heck of a gathering.

Latest details and updates on Facebook event page.


The following is the background to all this:

United Resistance
3 Months of Love and Defiance…Coming April to July

The situation is urgent and it is only a united and powerful resistance that will halt fracking before it’s too late – and we’re on the threshold of it being too late.

IF the industry performs a ‘frack job’ then the damage is done and stopping them becomes a far greater challenge. Sites across the UK are making a stand with residents taking part in community meetings, rallies and non-violent direct actions; here in Lancashire, we KNOW that Cuadrilla intends on pushing the chemicals, silica sand and vast quantities of water underground between April and July.

We are asking nothing more of you than your body and if you can’t bring us this…then your online shares, letter writing, local actions and events… but mostly, we need YOU here with us for any part of 3-months of targeted resistance starting 2nd April 2018.
We launch on Easter Monday with a family-friendly get-together to be part of the joy and community we seek to preserve. The following day, Tuesday 3rd April when the trucks are rolling we will launch non-violent direct actions that will carry us through three incredibly important months.

Details of all the actions that can be shared, will be posted and we urge you to please join us at the roadside to bear witness or take part.


Event Details

Location Preston New Road
Blackpool, FY3 9
Start Monday 11 Jun 2018 10:00am
Finish Monday 11 Jun 2018 6:00pm

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