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What does Climate Justice mean for your local XR group?

*Information about the hosts is at the bottom, the ticket link is above, and this event is open to XR activists and others across the globe*

In the context of Extinction Rebellion UK shifting its demands to include some form of real systemic climate justice, we’re organising a webinar for ordinary Extinction Rebellion activists. What are these ideas, and what do they mean for you? How can you apply climate justice in your work day to day?

Currently confirmed speakers:
– Raki Ap spokesperson for the Free West Papua campaign, on how climate disaster and colonialism impact West Papua and its people.

More speakers TBA every other day


The Hive – a decision-making organ within XR UK comprised of the coordinators of regional and national groups – has started a process of peoples assemblies. These assemblies will decide whether to add climate justice into Extinction Rebellion’s demands, and how to do so. Judging by a recent poll put out by GJR and the 4th Demand Network, a huge majority of people in XR support a climate justice demand. So, it’s likely this process will lead to its adoption – something we all salute.

But this process is estimated to take seven weeks to complete. That means it will end only two weeks before the start of the next UK Rebellion, scheduled for September 1st. This will be too late for it to be systematically incorporated in actions and structure across the board.

So let’s start that conversation now.

Speakers to be announced soon! Reserve your space using the ticket link up top.

Please message the Global Justice Rebellion page with any questions, or any problems. Please message especially if you have any accessibility requirements and if there is any way we can make this webinar easier for you to listen to and watch – no access requirement is too small.


This event is organised jointly by Global Justice Rebellion and the 4th Demand Network.

The 4th Demand Network is a network of reps from different XR groups (local, community, regional, working groups, etc.). They came together earlier in June to facilitate and encourage the adoption of a climate justice demand in Extinction Rebellion groups of all kinds.

– If you want to join the Network as rep for your group, please fill out this form, link:

– There are multiple other discussion chats for climate justice demand supporters, mattermost link:

– whatsapp discussion chat link:

– There is also a whatsapp broadcast chat for 4th Demand / climate justice demand news

Global Justice Rebellion is a climate justice group in XR’s Movement of Movements (the same network that holds Animal Rebellion, XR Peace, and other groups). GJR has been around for almost a year, and was responsible for organising one of the 12 blockade sites at last October’s rebellion in London. (This group is mainly based in the UK, but is looking for people willing to start chapters across the world).

Latest details on the Facebook event page


Event Details

Location Online
Start Thursday 16 Jul 2020 6:00pm
Finish Thursday 16 Jul 2020 8:00pm
Organised by Extinction Rebellion North

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