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What will Joe Biden’s presidency mean for international climate action?

Join Karen Orenstein from Friends of the Earth USA as we explore what the USA’s return to the Paris Agreement means for climate change

On 20 January, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA. On Day One of his administration, he committed the country to rejoin the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change.

Join Karen Orenstein from Friends of the Earth USA as we discuss the implications of the new presidency for reducing global emissions.

Is the Biden commitment on climate as strong as we need it to be? What is the landscape of US domestic policy and how does it interact with global approaches? And, as we approach the international climate talks in Glasgow later this year, what will the US government bring to the global stage?

About Karen:   Karen Orenstein is Director of the Climate and Energy Program at Friends of the Earth U.S, where she oversees efforts to ensure science-based, equitable, and just responses to the climate crisis.

Karen has been with Friends of the Earth for more than a dozen years, with her advocacy often focused on ecologically and socioeconomically sound public finance, particularly in an international context.

Karen’s earlier career centered on international solidarity and human rights, including as Washington coordinator of the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network.

Lunchtime webinars: This is the first in a series of 60 minute webinars and discussions for Friends of the Earth staff, local group members and Climate Action Group activists. These talks are designed to stimulate thinking and increase awareness of different approaches to campaigning and the issues other campaigns are tackling.

They might not always be directly related to our core campaigns at Friends of the Earth. They might not even be at lunchtime! But they will give us food for thought more broadly about challenges and opportunities.

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Start Wednesday 24 Mar 2021 3:00pm
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