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Emerge, Units E6-E7, New Smithfield Market, M11 2WJ

FareShare Greater Manchester Needs You !

Volunteers needed for Urban Gleaning, and to run the warehouse and deliver food across Greater Manchester.

Contact Derek at FareShare on 0161 223 8200 option 4 if you are interested in volunteering for ‘urban gleaning’.

Derek picking limes

Derek picking limes

Part of Emerge and based on New Smithfield Wholesale Fruit and Veg market since 2008. They need ‘urban gleaners’ to quality control edible surplus fruit and veg, diverted from the Market.

FareShare Greater Manchester already rescue tonnes of fresh produce every week from the wholesale market site, and with a bit of support from volunteers, they can save even more and distribute it to people who really need it. They aim to divert 3 tonnes per week when there are enough volunteers available. 157 tonnes of produce was diverted between April 2014 and March 2015. Working with 160 charities, community groups, schools and organisations.

Opportunity for work experience and qualifications in warehousing and storage, too.

Urban Gleaning

We’re not going to lie, it can be a bit of a mucky job, but we think it’s great fun and it really is the front line in the fight against food waste. (Of course, disposable gloves and other safety gear are available).

Urban Gleaning in action

Hands on Urban Gleaning in action


Sorting nectarines at New Smithfield Market – a personal reflection on a few hours work in June 2015 –  good exercise, and good for our planet.

Chris sorting Food Waste

MFoE Food campaigner Chris sorting Nectarines

I spent today sorting out 3 huge pallets of nectarines, that otherwise would have been dumped, to produce 2 pallets of good quality fruit that will be further distributed by FareShare Greater Manchester both locally and across the UK.

Did you know that for every 1 Kg of food waste averted, at least 4 Kg of CO2 is saved? I estimate I averted 600 Kg of nectarines going to waste today. This equates to a saving of 2400 Kg of CO2.

More than 2 tonnes of CO2 saved in just a few hours! This is a staggering amount and underlines why avoiding food waste is so important.

To put this in perspective, the 4kW solar panel system on my house generates low carbon electricity that feeds into the National Grid saves 2 tonnes of CO2 in a whole year.

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