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The Big Green Week: Food

Making changes to our diet is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits that reducing our meat and dairy consumption will have on the planet; so swap the meat for veg this Great Big Green Week.

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With more plant-based foods and sustainable choices finding their way into our supermarkets, restaurants and cafes this is becoming even easier. Greater Manchester has a growing list of providers – check out our Real Food Guide for shops and businesses close by and let us know if you have more suggestions to add.

Moving to a plant-based diet is a good start – but if you want to go further to reduce your carbon foot print, issues of seasonality, production methods, locality and provenance could also be considered. It can be a headache and compromises need to be made! Check out this calculator for more details.

dish of tofu, sprouts and sesame seeds

Short of ideas for plant-based recipes? – there are plenty online. Favourites include the BBC’s Vegan recipe collection (fairly straight forward) and Post Punk kitchen recipes (more exciting but more time consuming!) Our Real Food Guide also has a recipe section which are vegan, draw on ingredients that are grown locally, and easy! Please share yours!

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