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Guidelines for Bike Friday Participants

The following guidance is intended for participants on Bike Friday rides.

General Recommendations

• We recommend that you ride at least 3 feet away from the edge of the road, and from any vehicles to your left, to limit the impact of traffic overtaking too closely.

• Think about what stopping distance you need for your current speed.

• We aim to ride at a moderate pace that is comfortable for all. The people in front should be checking over their shoulders regularly, but if you find you’re getting left behind, just ring your bell or shout, and the other riders will be glad to slow down for you. Similarly if a gap emerges behind you, slow down and ring your bell.

Traffic Lights

• Where there are cycle lanes at red traffic lights leading to green Advanced Stop Lines, don’t be afraid to use them to get in front of the first vehicle.

• However, whenever there are several riding together, it’s probably best not to squeeze between two lanes of slow-moving or stationary cars, or between cars and the kerb. Instead you can queue up side-by-side behind the last car.

• After passing through traffic lights, make sure that the cyclists behind you managed to get through.

Finally, you are responsible for your own safety so please be alert at all times, and aware of the vehicles around you.

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