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Object to IGas application for Coal Bed Methane extraction in Trafford

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30th Mar 2014

The application from IGas for a renewal of their planning permission for coal bed methane extraction and production (for 25 years!) in Davyhulme is with Trafford council. The planning officer is recommending that it be approved by the Council. It has been delayed already as local councillors have asked for more information on coal bed methane impacts but it may go to Committee on 10th April.

Developing Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane production would contradict the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy (2011-2020). One of the key outcomes of this strategy is: “To have created market conditions which promote low and zero carbon energy generation and distribution opportunities across Greater Manchester.” (Page 34)

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) exploration, production and extraction poses serious risks to groundwater. Chemicals used in CBM drilling muds can be just as toxic as those used in fracking, and there are risks of spills and leakages. CBM is typically found at much shallower depths than shale gas and therefore risks such as groundwater contamination are increased.

Help us stop ‘dirty energy’ in the UK.  Friends of the Earth is calling for a stop to coal bed methane and fracking. We need clean energy, not more fossil fuels.

Please send an objection to Trafford Council.  You need to quote application number 81446/RENEWAL/2013 and send an email to

A template objection letter is available for downloading as a Word document or PDF document.  If you have time, please personalise the letter.

If you have any more time please email the Trafford councillors on the planning committee. You can find out the email details or postal addresses on the Trafford Council website.

Thank you.

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