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Committee roles in Manchester Friends of the Earth

Throughout the year we welcome people to come and get involved and take on different roles within the group. This can be as little or as much as you like and have time for, and can vary from helping at a stall to putting together articles for our newsletters and website.

Each year at our Annual General Meeting, our members elect two or more group co-ordinators and a number of group officers who between them share responsibility for running the group.

While many of these posts are currently filled – we always welcome new people keen to take on these roles and can offer training and support.  Please get in contact to find out more and discuss your involvement.  Below are the available roles.

See also volunteering opportunities currently available.

Group co-ordinators:

We currently have one co-ordinators and would like another (or 2) to share out the work. The role involves:

  • Taking the lead on development of the group
  • Acting as a point of contact for the group
  • Acting as point of contact between head office staff and the group
  • Planning meetings
  • Managing the group’s calendar
  • Helping people get involved and support people in what they do
  • Supervising and supporting the group officers and lead campaigners


The role involves:

  • Monitoring and recording all income and expenditure for the group (monthly)
  • Reimbursing expenses paid by group co-ordinators and officers (ad-hoc/ fortnightly)
  • Monitoring online banking for the group (monthly)
  • Producing a monthly report of income and expenditure and presenting it to the group co-ordinators and officers at the planning meetings (monthly)
  • Producing the annual accounts for presentation at the AGM (annually)

You need to be able to give the equivalent of a day each month, and you would be working with and supported by the group’s experienced officers. In return you’ll get the chance to hone your business and finance skills and add to your experience for CV or personal development, but even more, a great campaign group needs great support and this role offers a chance to make a really important contribution.

Membership officer:

The group currently has a membership officer. The role involves:

  • processing new membership application forms
  • keeping a database of who has paid their membership fees
  • sending out renewal notices to encourage members to renew their subscription
  • putting together membership packs for our regular meetings
  • general correspondence with members (e.g. sending out newsletters)
  • thinking of ways to attract and retain members

You will need to be able to spend approx. 1 day per month (could be spread over the month/ during evenings) in maintaining the membership database and fulfilling the duties described above. This role is an important contribution to the running of the group.

Lead campaigners

We require at least two, and preferably three, campaigners to take responsibility for leading each of our campaigns. The role of a lead campaigner includes taking responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Overseeing the development of a campaign strategy (template available) and submitting it to a planning meeting for approval
  • Liaising with the treasurer to manage any funds allocated to the campaign
  • Overseeing the organisation of activities and events to deliver the campaign strategy
  • Attending group planning meetings
  • Organising, promoting and preparing for campaign meetings
  • Reporting back to planning and full group meetings as required re progress with the campaign
  • Acting as key contact for the campaign for press and general enquiries
  • Providing support to other campaigners in the group ensuring they get opportunities for training where this is helpful
  • Ensuring that web pages relating to the campaign are kept up-to-date
  • Ensuring the use of Twitter and social networking is in line with the group policy
  • Ensuring that new members coming into the group via that campaign are given new members packs and made aware of general group activities

N.B. It is expected that many of these tasks will be delegated to others, but the lead campaigners are responsible for ensuring that they are completed.

Newsletter officer/ editor:

Organises the content, printing & distribution of the quarterly newsletter.

Media officer:

The group currently has a media officer.

Writes press releases (in partnership with lead campaigners) and distributes them to relevant journalists. Maintains a contact list and builds relationships with key journalists. Monitors local press coverage for the group and organises coverage of the group’s activities.

Fundraising officer: the group does not have a fund-raising officer at present

Looks for sources of funding for the group including grants, adverts for the newsletter and events. Supports lead campaigners and group officers in applying for funding.

Publicity officer: the group currently does not have a publicity officer

Promotion of Manchester Friends of the Earth is important in raising the profile of the group and in attracting new members and campaigners. We are currently looking for volunteers to help increase publicity about the group. Activities could include:

  • developing new content for our group website
  • updating our facebook and twitter feeds with relevant news
  • producing posters and resources for the group to use at meetings, events, stalls etc
  • producing short films for upload to our you tube account
  • finding speaking opportunities for our campaigners to attend local events on environmental issues

Website officer:

The group currently has a website officer.

Our group website is a key communication tool for the group and therefore requires constant maintenance to ensure the content and functionality is up-to-date. In addition to volunteers writing content for the website, we need someone to take the lead on managing the functionality and maintenance of the site. The role involves:

  • Maintaining and updating the WordPress framework of the group website
  • Ensuring that key features are maintained, including the calendar and key group information
  • Liaising with group officers and lead campaigners to ensure that relevant web pages are kept up to date
  • Liaising with others to maintain our other websites (e.g. Love Your Bike)
  • Developing new features and functionality for the site
  • Providing training for group members in use of WordPress to enable others to update content
  • Act as point of contact for group members who update the content of the site

You will need:

  • Advanced skills in use of WordPress: some knowledge of php and mysql
  • Experience of developing and maintaining websites

Volunteer officer: the group currently does not have a volunteer officer

Promotes volunteering opportunities through local organisations. Prepares and delivers inductions for new volunteers, supports group volunteers.

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