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You can support Manchester Friends of the Earth online in just a few clicks. You can either become a member of the group or make a one-off donation.

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Why join?

Becoming a member of Manchester Friends of the Earth and supporting us financially helps support environmental campaigning in our city.

Our local Manchester group is run by volunteers and we have no regular funding from National Friends of the Earth. To cover the costs of our office rent and campaign materials – printing and stall items for example we need a small income. And that is where our lovely members come in!

As a Manchester Friends of the Earth member, you are also welcome to come along to our planning meetings, stand for election as a group officer and vote at our Annual General meeting! We also do our best to keep you updated on our campaigning throughout the year!

More importantly, you’ll be part of a hugely successful campaign group that is helping to change the world.

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Thanks for your support!

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