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Please support a GM Clean Air Zone – respond to the Clean Air Plan consultation

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14th Nov 2020

Air pollution is a public health emergency and action is urgently required. Greater Manchester is currently consulting on plans to introduce a charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ), and we need your support to make this happen.


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7th Nov 2020

We loved celebrating trees with your fantastic photographs that you sent us for our Photogratree Competition and to further this creative celebration of trees we have a new Creative Arts Competition - CreateATree

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Grow a Tree, Plant a Forest, Campaign for Trees

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30th Oct 2020

Trees help us in a number of ways, such as by absorbing air pollutants, improving open spaces and thus benefiting our physical and mental health, and reducing the risk of floods. However, the UK’s tree cover is only 11.8%, which …

Cycle Hoop

Ask your Councillors for on-street cycle storage!

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10th Jun 2020

Read on to find out how to get secure cycle storage on your street.

Ask the Government to give the green light to “implied zebras”

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1st May 2020

Crossing roads can be a lottery at the best of times, never mind if you have limited vision or mobility. But there’s a simple way to make our neighbourhoods safer for everyone - implied zebra crossings.

Other Actions

Ask the UK government to take decisive climate action

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22nd Nov 2020

The clock is ticking on our chance to stop climate breakdown. Climate breakdown is already intensifying hurricanes, fires and droughts around the world, while causing increased flooding and heatwaves in the UK.

Ask your councillor to defend local democracy and the environment

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3rd Nov 2020

The government’s new plans to reshape the English planning system are a serious threat to our communities, local democracy and the environment.

Ideas for trees to plant

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12th Oct 2020

Wherever you live, and whether you are looking for a single tree to fit in a corner of a small back garden or dozens to plant in a field or the grounds of a public building, native species are usually …

To: Robert Jenrick – Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine! (Coal Action Network)

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4th Oct 2020

At a time when we need to rapidly de-escalate from fossil fuels, Cumbria County Council is set to approve a new coal mine which would last until 2049 – well beyond 2030 when most of our emissions reductions must be underway in order to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.

Ask the government to prevent mass extinction

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27th Sep 2020

Wildlife across the world is facing mass extinction, including here in the UK where a quarter of mammals are at imminent risk of disappearing.

Cut road spending and build back better (Transport Action Network)

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20th Sep 2020

We’re encouraging people to tell them not to waste £27 billion and more on new roads. We want the Government to #buildbackbetter after the Covid pandemic, and to help transport decarbonise. So if you can, please tell the Government what you think before the 24 September.


Call on Greater Manchester councils to respect the Stansted decision

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13th Sep 2020

In January, Uttlesford District Council (UDC) decided to reject plans to expand Stansted Airport because of the adverse impacts on climate change, air pollution and noise.

Ask your MP to defend our planning system from harmful reforms

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6th Sep 2020

The government is about to push through changes to the planning system that could seriously harm our communities, local democracy and environment.

Tell the Chancellor you want a green and fair recovery

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12th Jul 2020

The government has launched its latest plan to boost the economy after the effects of the coronavirus crisis. While it’s a step in the right direction, this plan is far from the green and fair recovery we need.

Ask your MP to back a green and fair recovery plan

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28th Jun 2020

In early July Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a plan to boost the UK economy after the impacts of coronavirus. This could have far-reaching impacts for the climate and nature emergency if he doesn’t get it right.

Call for a more ambitious England Tree Strategy

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21st Jun 2020

The government has launched a public consultation on its new England Tree Strategy – a crucial policy on the future of trees in England. So now’s the chance to have your say.

Shape the future of our countryside

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1st Jun 2020

The natural world is in serious trouble. Bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife are in decline. One of the main reasons? Pesticides.

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