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Have a go at making your own bread . . .

 . . . then you will know what’s in it!

Use Your Loaf campaigner Chris has been busy baking . . .

Once upon a time, Chris’s home made bread was so heavy it could have been mistaken for a house brick, albeit without the frog and the letters L.B.C.!

With perseverance, practice, some good tips and learning from the occasional mistake, Chris’s bread making is much improved, so if Chris can do it  . . . no excuses . . . have a go yourself !

Chris has adapted a series of bread recipes for you to try, with step by step instructions and pictures of his efforts . . .

Bread recipes . . .


Classic White Bread Loaf


granary loaf

Granary Bread Loaf



Emergency Breakfast Rolls


Sourdough Bread The sourdough method uses a combination of wild yeast and an acid-generating bacteria in place of baker’s yeast. You will need to create or obtain a sourdough starter first . . .



Sourdough Starter


Sourdough loaf



Sourdough Chocolate Bread


Here’s another Sourdough Bread recipe . . .

Fancy some vegan pancakes?
Stale bread to use up? . . .

Bread Pudding


More bread recipes and recipes for using up leftover bread will appear here during the coming months.

Use Your Loaf


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